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Nathaniel K. Minami, DDS

Dentist & Cosmetic Dentist located in San Francisco, CA

Dr. Minami provides patients in San Francisco, CA with high-quality ceramic crowns for restorations. His expertise will provide results which feel comfortable and look natural.

Crowns Q&A

When are Ceramic Crowns Used?

Dental crowns can be a solution to number of dental issues. These ceramic or porcelain coverings can be used to restore decayed teeth or to cover metal amalgam fillings for a more natural appearance. Crowns also provide additional strength and support to teeth weakened by root canal therapy or when a dental bridge is needed. A crown is made of durable ceramic, or porcelain, which can be custom-tinted to match a patient’s teeth.

Are there alternatives to crowns?

An onlay is a restoration used on a tooth which can not support a filling, but does not require a crown. The onlay fits in the cusps of the tooth, covering the chewing surface of the tooth. Lasting for 10 years or more, onlays use special bonding methods which can actually help to strengthen teeth and provide better support than a traditional filling. Additionally, onlays can be tinted to match a patient’s teeth in order to make them look more natural than metal amalgam fillings which can become very noticeable over time.

Is a Crown Better Than an Onlay?

The best solution depends on the needs and condition of the individual patient. Ceramic crowns and onlays can both be used to treat large areas of decay. Crowns cover the entire tooth with a protective jacket, which requires the removal of more tooth material, healthy or decayed, to make room. This is a more invasive process, but in some circumstances, when a tooth is weakened by decay, a crown can be the best solution to preserve it. Onlays primarily cover the biting surfaces, so are much less invasive and suitable for stronger teeth. At Sutter Place Dental Group, we consider each patient's need to ensure the best solution to provide the desired result.

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